Advantages of streaming video live

Regardless of place and time. It doesn't matter where you are with video live streaming. All you need is a professional camera, video mixer, audio equipment, converter, and a good internet connection. And we can all help you with that.

Live streaming may sound like a one-off, but it isn't. You can ensure that the live stream is saved. And your target group can watch the video afterwards. Streaming video live offers huge opportunities right now! In these times of cancellations and working from home, we only say one thing: what are you waiting for? Start streaming video live. And we are happy to help you with that.

What does live streaming cost?

Regular from interactive?

We distinguish between a Regular Live Stream and an Interactive Live Stream.

A regular livestream is one-way traffic. What is portrayed arrives at the viewer, but the viewer cannot talk back. This form of live streaming is for, for example, a wedding, funeral or press moment. Platforms include YouTube and Facebook. A chat function can of course be used with the regular live stream.

With an interactive live stream we work with a video call app such as Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. The viewers can not only watch the live stream, but also talk back. The viewer then appears in the livestream and thus fast “live” interaction is possible. This makes it extremely suitable for, among other things, a training of interactive webinar.

Are you going to organize an interactive online event? This is always custom work, but to give an impression of what to think about, the following packages have been drawn up. Contact us and we will look together for the best solution for your live stream. Choose a regular or interactive live stream below to view the rates.