1. Inventory On the basis of an introductory meeting, we identify your actual needs
together with you. The following aspects serve as a guideline: Objective: What do you want to achieve? Target audience: Who will watch the video where? Message: What do you want to say? 2. Quotation After the inventory, Video Review develops a basic concept and
you will receive a suitable offer. After approval, we start the
production process.

3. Pre-production
After discussing the concept, pre-production can start.

In this process, the concept is brought to life. A scenario / script describes point
by point how the video is constructed. This consists of 2 important elements:
spoken word and image.
The script / scenario clearly describes which scenes should be recorded, what
the locations are, voice-over texts, actors, etc. Expectations are well set up
here to avoid surprises. 4. Production Filming is at the heart of the process. When all preparations have been made and
the script has been approved, the actual production can start. The video will be
recorded during the shooting day (s). 5. Post-production We assemble the film during editing. The editing involves design, music and
possibly animation work. Music plays an important role in the production of a
video, however, there are rules for applying music through Buma Stemra.
The desired music may have to be bought off. The client is always ultimately
responsible for the registration of these rights.
During the assembly period, there is always room for customer feedback and there
will always be at least one viewing. We will go through this version together with
you and so we work to 100% satisfaction. As soon as the first version has been
discussed, we will work towards the final version. Any video format can be supplied. 6. Delivery We deliver the video in the final phase. Usually as online video in the desired
internet format. Delivery on DVD is of course also possible.