Drone recording

100% Certified, professional and safe
Flying with drones in the Netherlands is subject to many rules. Video Review's drone pilots have ROC(L) certification, so you know that the aerial shots are carried out professionally, safely and insured. After your request, we will look at the possibilities to make the most beautiful aerial images. Drone images that we are also proud of. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities, call 031650645181.


Aerial footage with a drone in 4K
We fly with drones from the DJI brand. These drones film drone images in Ultra HD 4K format. The 4K camera delivers razor-sharp drone images that can be used in any video production. Drone deployment for e.g.

* Company presentation * Promo - Commercials * Events * Estate agent, house,
   yard, lot
* Business premises and/or business premises
* Infrastructure, road construction and
* Bungalow park
* Camping
* Marina
* Governments

Advantage packages
On the right you will see a number of standard packages. Customization is also possible in consultation. For example, it is also possible to make drone images and to deliver unedited and royalty-free recordings for your own editing and/or editing. Contact us to discuss possibilities.


Copyright belongs to Video Review Production.

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